Adventures in Time and Gender

SKU members worked with artist Jason Barker and community group Gendered Intelligence as part of a creative project that led to a podcast and website on trans history.


Out and About: Queering the Museum 

SKU co-director Prof Jana Funke is collaborating with artist Natalie McGrath and the Royal Albert Memorial Museum and Art Gallery (RAMM) to engage LGBTQ+ people with the museum collections and reveal LGBTQ+ heritage.


Arts & Culture Creative Fellowship

SKU co-director Dr Ina Linge hosts comedian and writer Siân Docksey as Arts & Culture Creative Fellow for the project ‘The Politics of Sexual Nature’.


Sculpture, Sexuality and History

A new edited volume exploring “Encounters in Literature, Culture and the Arts from the Eighteenth Century to the Present”, edited by Dr Jana Funke and Dr Jen Grove.


New short stories and novel by Radclyffe Hall

Previously unpublished short stories and a novel by British author Radclyffe Hall have been discovered and transcribed by Dr Jana Funke as part of a new publication.


Sex, Knowledge, and Receptions of the Past

A collection of articles (2015) exploring how the past has been crucial in driving political, legal, and social change, shaping individual identities, and constructing knowledge about sex.


Rethinking Sexology

Wellcome Trust-funded project rethinking the history of sexual science and critiquing the assumption that ‘sexology’ existed as a primarily medical field of knowledge.


Sexual Knowledge, Sexual History

A new direction for research into the history of sexuality, applying the approaches of the Classical Reception to study the ways that modern ideas about sex have developed.


The Hypatia Project

Find our about this student-led digital showcase of highlights from a collection which records the achievements and contributions of women world-wide in all fields of endeavour.


Mapping Sexual Knowledge

Cross-disciplinary scholars, practitioners and activists come together to discuss construction and authorisation of different forms of sexual knowledge.

Sex and History

An award-winning and innovative initiative improving young people’s wellbeing and sexual health by using objects from past cultures as a stimulus for discussing sex and relationships.


Transvengers Comic. Image Gendered Intelligence (2)


A project working with young trans and non-binary people from Gendered Intelligence and artist Jason Barker to create a comic informed by the history of sexual science and contemporary society.


Image Effervescent


A collaboration with Effervescent and Barnardos South West working with groups of young and older people who are at risk to create a museum and art gallery which speaks to their needs.


Sex in Six Objects

A series of workshops for young people investigating the history of sexuality in six objects.


Section 28 and its afterlives

An exhibition of creative responses to the history of Section 28, and a collection of oral histories has been created as part of a project raising awareness about Section 28 and its legacies in the South West.