There are a range of modules relating to the theme of ‘Sexual Knowledge’ taught by unit members across the university. This is just a sample:

EASM171 – Expanding Queerness: Critical Debates in Theory, Literature, Film and Television

EAS3252 – Poison, Filth, Trash: Modernism, Censorship and Resistance

MLG2019 – Gender, Race and Migration in 20th and 21st-century German Literature

MLG3040 – Sex, Sciences and the Arts

AHV3005 – Queer Visual Practices

HIH3619 – Sexualities

PSY3412 – The Psychology of Gender

ARA2001 – From Holy Text to Sex Manuals in the Medieval Middle East

ARA2118 – Gender-Identity and Modernity in the Middle East

ARA3197 – The Arabian Nights: Perception and Reception

ARA3200 – Gender, Sexuality and Violence in Palestine/Israel

ARAM225 – Gender and Politics in the Middle East

ARAM230 – Gender, Sexuality and Violence in Palestine/Israel

POL3217 – Feminist Political Theory

HIH3595 –Sexuality in Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Britain

HIH1053 – Gender and Sexuality in the Middle Ages

HIH1300- Before Eugenics: Science, Race and Exploration

HIH1014 – The Body in Eighteenth Century Britain

HIH1402 – Early Modern Magic and Witchcraft

HIH1585 – Ladies of the Night: Prostitution in the Victorian World

HIH1618 – Body, Border, Partition: Understanding Violence in South Asia

HIH2137A – Inventing Modern Man: Constructions of Mind, Body and the Individual, 1400-1800

HIH2186A – Deviants and Dissenters in Early Modern England

HIH2593 – ‘Undesirables’: Migration, Mobility and Empire

HIH3434 – The Body in Early Modern England

HISM479 – Sexual Discoveries: the Reception, Interpretation and Purpose of Queer History

LIB1105Being Human in the Modern World

HIH3058 – Engendering Empire: Making the British Imperial World: Sources

LAW3001 Gender, Sexuality and the Law

CMM3005 – Gender, Sexuality and the Media

POC3097 –  The Politics of Gender, Sex and Sexuality

POC3134 Queer Theory in the Global Context

SOC2034 – Gender and Society

THE1108 –Theology, Sexuality and Gender

POL3292 –LGBTQ+ Policies and Politics in the UK

EASM109 – Bodies Politic: Cultural and Sexual Politics in England, 1603-1679

HIH3062 –Women’s Experience in Britain: Race, Class and Gender since 1945

CLA3020 –Sexuality and Gender in the Ancient World

HIH2212A –Gender and Citizenship in Britain since 1866

MLS3072 – Unlawful Sex: Sexualities on Trial in Medieval Spain

EAS3417 –Sex, Scandal and Sensation in Victorian Literature

MLF3081 –Sexual Politics: Gender Dynamics in Early Modern France