Unit Members, Partners and Collaborators

The Sexual Knowledge Unit research network involves scholars from disciplines across the University of Exeter.

Unit directors: 

Professor Kate Fisher – Social and cultural historian and Professor of History.

Professor Rebecca Langlands – Professor of Classics and Ancient History.

Professor Jana Funke – Associate Professor of English and Sexuality Studies in the Department of English and Film.

Dr Ina Linge – Lecturer in Modern Languages and Cultures (German)

Founding member of the SKU, classicist and historian Dr Jen Grove, stepped down as director in 2020. Jen is now working at UKRI and remains an Honorary Research Fellow at Exeter.


Unit PGR Lead: 

Katie Snow – PhD Researcher, Department of English.


Unit members: 

Mehrdad Alipour – PhD candidate in the Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies.

Dr Alexandra (known as Sandy) Allan – Senior Lecturer and GSE Director of Doctoral Studies in Graduate School of Education.

Professor Manuela Barreto – Professor of Social and Organisational Psychology in the Department of Psychology.

Dr Charlotte Bishop – Lecturer in Law

Dr Susannah Cornwall – Senior Lecturer in Theology and Religion.

Dr Jennifer Farrell – Lecturer in Medieval History (E&S) in the Department of History.

Dr João Florêncio – Lecturer in History of Modern and Contemporary Art and Visual Culture in the Department of Art History and Visual Culture.

Elisa Groff – PhD candidate in the Department of Classics and Ancient History.

Dr Ting Guo – Lecturer in Translation (Chinese) in the Department of Modern Languages.

Dr Sarah Jones – Associate Research Fellow in the Centre for Medical History.

Dr Sarah Drews Lucas – Lecturer in the Centre for Political Thought

Muireann Maguire – Professor of Russian and Comparative Literature

Dr Thekla Morgenroth – Research Fellow in Social and Organisational Psychology.

Dr Katie Natanel – Lecturer in Gender Studies, Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies

Professor Thomas Morton – Associate Professor in Psychology.

Kay Nias – PhD Candidate in the Department of History

Professor Hugh Roberts – Professor of French Renaissance Literature.

Jack Sargent – PhD candidate in the Department of English.

Dr Emily Selove – Lecturer of medieval Arabic language and literature in the Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies.

Dr Felicity Thomas – Research Fellow in Centre for Medical History.

Sonia Wigh – PhD candidate in the Department of History, Centre for Early Modern Studies, and Centre for South Asian Studies.

Kazuki Yamada – PhD Candidate in the QUEX Institute for Global Sustainability and Wellbeing.