Arts & Culture Creative Fellowship with Sexual Knowledge Unit

In 2020/21 the Sexual Knowledge Unit hosted an Arts & Culture Creative Fellowship. Under the leadership of Sexual Knowledge Unit member Dr Ina Linge, SKU hosted stand-up comedian and writer Siân Docksey to collaborate on the project “The Politics of Sexual Nature.”

Head over to the Arts & Culture website to find out more about the Creative Fellowship ( and to see some of the beautiful artwork we commissioned during the fellowship!)

As part of the fellowship, Siân and Ina ran a series of online events called the “Sex and Nature Salon”. Salons featured academic talks and comedy gigs on a common theme. Topics include Why is everyone obsessed with gay penguins? Why are the far right so into lobsters? And: Can environmental activism be funny. The Sex and Nature Salon now has a permanent home here.

Discover more about how the Fellowship unfolded in the film below.

You can find out more about the creative fellowship and how Siân and Ina are continuing to work together on the Arts & Culture website.